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note this is my admin's zodiac but most of this also holds true for ikuris
[X] You love adventure.
[] You are very energetic.
[x] Confident and enthusiastic.
[x] You're sharp and quick minded.
[ ] Passionate.
[] You can be self-centered at times.
[] You are quick tempered.
[] Impulsive.
[] Procrastinator.
[ ] You take unnecessary risks.
Total: 3

[X] Reliable.
[] You have lots of patience (Sometimes)
[X] You are very determined.
[x] Your mind is very secured.
[] It's easy for you to become jealous.
[] You can be resentful.
[] You can become greedy at times.
[ ] You are rigid.
[ ] You want to go in the business industry.
[x] You are extremely faithful.
Total: 4

[ ] You are very versatile.
[ ] You like changes.
[] You are talkative.
[X] You seem to be very quick-witted.
[X] You're pretty smart.
[X] You would consider yourself to be polite. ((if your respectful in turn)
[] Energetic.
[ ] You are very inconsistent.
[] Prone to nervousness.
[x] Cunning.
Total: 4

[x ] You are very loving.
[] Emotional.
[] Very sensitive.
[ ] You're very nurturing.
[X] You have an active imagination.
[ ] It's not hard for you to be sympathetic.
[] Very indecisive.
[ ] Clingy.
[ ] Over-emotional.
[] You are very moody.
Total: 2

[x ] You are generous.
[x ] Warmhearted.
[X] You believe you're pretty creative.
[] You tend to be bossy at times.
[X] Very outgoing.  
[X] You make sure you are 100% faithful.
[x ] You are intolerant. ((of certain things.))
[ ] You interfere a lot.
[x ] You are a loving person.
[] Open minded.
Total: 7

[ ] You are very modest.
[] You have the tendency to be shy.
[X] Reliable.
[] You are practical.
[ x] Intelligent.
[ ] You are very fussy.
[] You tend to worry.
[] You can be overcritical at times.
[] Perfectionist.
[x ] You are conservative.
Total: 3

[ ] Romantic and charming.
[ ] You are very easygoing and sociable.
[x ] You're an idealist.
[ x] Very caring.
[X] You get told that you are talented. (meh)
[ ] You enjoy change.
[ ] You are flirtatious.
[] You have a short temper.
[] Daydreaming is one of your hobbies.
[ ] Gullible.
Total: 3

[X] You are determined.
[] Emotional.
[ ] You are powerful and passionate.
[ ] You are easily liked. (
[ ] Patient.
[X] You are loyal.
[ ] Generous.
[] You become jealous easily.
[X] You tend to be secretive.
[ ] You have strong sexual desires.
Total: 3

[ ] You are optimistic.
[X] You love your freedom.
[X..] You are very honest.
[X] Adventurous.
[X] You are careless. (Sometimes)
[X] Tendency to be irresponsible. (soooometimes)
[] You become depressed easily.
[X] You are restless.
[X] You take those around you for granted. (Unless I really trust them)
[X] You care about the environment.

[ ] You are very cautious.
[X] Reserved.
[] Very ambitious.
[x ] You stay cool under pressure.
[X] Others say you are funny.
[] You are pessimistic.
[X] You don't show your sensitivity to others.
[] You are sometimes selfish.
[] Hold onto grudges.
[ ] You have great patience.
Total: 4

Aquarius ((my true zodiac))
[X] You are friendly. (I try)
[ x] Humanitarian.  ((to a point, i want the world to be a better place for ppl, but in truth i have very little faith in people. i think that atleast 70% of people are well...jerks,))
[x] You are lively.
[x ] Honest and loyal.
[X] You crave to be different.
[X] You are independent.
[X] Unpredictable.
[X] You are chaotic.
[X] Rebellious.
[x] You tend to be unemotional. ((i consider myself desensitized))
Total: 10

[X] You are imaginative.
[] You are very sensitive.
[] You are emotionally weak.
[] Artistic.
[ x] You are idealistic.
[X] You tend to be careless.
[] You are easily confused.
[] You are sometimes immoral.
[ ] Receptive to new thinking.
[] Impractical.
Total: 3
im gonna tag a few ppl to see what they are.
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